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BPO Solutions

TriGem Solutions™ is a leading outsourcing provider focused on information and editorial services, data processing and business services. We provide a complete portfolio of content services - from data collection to translation and editorial services. We aim at providing resources and solutions to our clients to enable them to manage and create content more efficiently. We provide data processing services which help your organisation lower costs, streamline business processes and deliver more competitive products and services. Our range of business services - from telesales to credit management - will help your company raise the future demand for its products and services, maximise the cash flow and improve its performance.
TriGem Solutions™ has a proven track record of handling data and information systems for customers across the world, with 24/7 operation, multilingual experienced staff, motivated, ambitious specialists which will support you to:

Reduce overall costs
Improve processes and outputs
React and answer to changing market conditions and opportunities
Lower investments in hardware, software, systems, staff and support
Transform fixed costs into variable costs
Re-direct internal resources to value added and competitive operations
Strengthen competitive position
Maximise the profitability and improve the financial performance

Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO)

Data entry and data scanning
Editing and cleaning of data
Classification & Link Management
Data aggregation and summarization
Data validation
Data tabulation and presentation
Data & Information Processing
Data Conversion & Normalisation
Telemarketing & Telesales

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