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About Us

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TriGem Solutions™ a brand name of TriGem Solutions (P) Ltd. is an industry-leading IT services, professional quality management training & consultation, IT consulting services, BPO, and direct marketing company, catering various products and services like: web application/services developing & designing, professional quality management training & consultation, IT consultation services, business processes out-sourcing (BPO), off-shoring solutions, domain registration, direct marketing services, multimedia solutions, e-commerce solutions, internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) solutions, networking solutions, application/embedded software development & designing services, based in Pune, India. Since 2003, our company has provided businesses worldwide with reliable, professional-class network environments to develop and host web sites, professional quality management training & consultation, e-mails solutions, web applications/services, domain registration, business applications, multimedia applications, networking solutions, internet marketing, search engine optimization and other web related content. We are a friendly, accessible group of engineers, customer support experts, system administrators, digital artists, and business developers focused on making our company successful, and adding value to the services we provide. Providing high quality of global IT services along with excellent Database Management is our forte. With an eye on future our R&D division is committed to evolving new & better technologies and the marketing division is committed to new markets in new segments.
All in all we have a winning combination of core people that excel in their respective fields of expertise. We at TriGem Solutions™ value our people as our greatest asset and they are the reason behind our success.

Training Division:

TriGem Solutions™ is a premier training organization engaged in providing Six Sigma and other quality related training. What differentiates TriGem Solutions™ from its competitor is its commitment towards customers. Most of the training organization provides Six Sigma training for about 5 to 7 days at a stretch. By the time a student completes the course and has some doubts, these organizations are out of bound. You never get an opportunity to talk one on one with the trainer again after the completion of the course period to get your doubts clarified.
Six Sigma is not an instant coffee. It takes time to develop & nurture that thought process and inquisitive approach. It is very difficult to think on those lines that after a stretch 5-7 day of Six Sigma training. You require continuous guidance and support to nurture that spirit. Hence our training program are spread across span of at least 1 month so that you can learn at their own speed and imbibe that thought process (every Sunday). You have ample time to go through and revise and come back with queries for the next Sunday of your training. More over for next 3 months after the completion of the course, we are there to handhold & support you. Trainers are available at all time to assist you & clear your doubts. You can contact them in person, via email or telephone. TriGem Solutions™ specializes in providing highly productive, focused and cost-effective training. Participants return to the workplace and immediately show positive results which benefits them personally as also the organization that they work for.

Who We Are

The Company is headed by founder Fasi Hasan (CMD/CEO) and consists of a core team of "Technocrats", professional trainers, marketing experts and financial experts. All in all we have a winning combination of core people that excel in their respective fields of expertise. We value our people as our greatest asset and they are the reason behind our success.

Purpose and Reality

TriGem Solutions™ has come to the IT market to be successful, profitable, and reliable IT Solutions Company. Our aim is to be friendly, accessible, and enjoyable to work with. We strive to deliver value in our service, and to understand and respect the inherit client/provider partnership that is created when we host/provide services to them. TriGem Solutions™ offer high-tech, reliable, high quality alternative to in house resources for business development, market development, and channel development on an international scale. A true alternative to in house resources offers a very high level of practical experience; know how, contacts, and confidentiality. Clients must know that working with TriGem Solutions™ is a more professional, less risky way to develop new areas even than working completely in house with their own people. TriGem Solutions™ must also be able to maintain financial balance, charging a high value for its services, and delivering an even higher value to its clients. Along the path, TriGem Solutions™ intends to be charitable to worthy causes. The focus will be development in India, Gulf, European and American markets.
All in all we have a winning combination of core people that excel in their respective fields of expertise. We at TriGem Solutions™ value our people as our greatest asset and they are the reason behind our success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide leading Web solution services, professional training, networking, custom build softwares, IT consultancy, BPO, direct marketing and R&D to the business community globally at competitive prices. To empower performance through great internet partnering. TriGem Solutions™ goal is to deliver innovative applications seamlessly integrated with other managed services that completely satisfy customers' evolving needs. We understand that our long-term success depends on great service and strong relationships because a true partnership requires trust, understanding and innovation.


We at TriGem Solutions™ keep a strict focus on our business, yet saying that is contradictory to the following statement which also rings true: At TriGem Solutions™ we strive to "ride-the-wave" of Information Technology, meaning that we will always be there to serve you, our customer, with the latest services and products. To ensure that our training program, products & services that we offer are always leading edge solutions, we continue to partner with the world's top Internet companies. See our Partners list for more details.

Our Trainers

our core trainers are highly qualified and have enough exposure and experience in field of customer support and services on technical front, Quality Control, Management Systems along with expertise as Six Sigma black belt (ASQ), RBNQA examiner business excellence model, lead auditor for Quality Management system (ISO 9001:2000) and Indian facilitator TQM facilitator from AOTS Japan with extensive experience in Quality Control, Customer Support, QMS and Business Excellence Quality Control, Online Marketing, Advertising, Communications, BPO and KPO.

Our Clients

We cater our services, consulting, BPO, direct marketing and products to businesses of all types and sizes. Primarily TriGem Solutions™ provides internet related services, taylor made software applications, networking solutions, multimedia presentations and visual aids, hosts / develops sites for web designers, web design studios, graphic design shops, ad agencies, brand developers, informational design portals, and the "clients" of "our clients". We develop / design custom made softwares all the way from small stores to big shopping malls, we also host / develop sites / web applications for small ecommerce storefronts, all the way to handling high-traffic sites and applications for MNC's. We also provide professional training and consulting services from students to corporate world.

Commitment to Our Customers

From the beginning, TriGem Solutions™ has been committed to backing up its responsive Internet business solutions and robust, reliable infrastructure with the very best in customer service and technical support. A common misconception about the technology industry is that it's all about machines. Not at TriGem Solutions™. Yes, we most certainly have state-of-the art data centers and our robust and reliable infrastructure is second to none. But we are successful in this business because we're committed to acting as friendly, supportive e-business consultants to our customers, bringing innovation, creativity and a caring attitude to all of their business needs. We don't just provide live 24 hours support, We listen.


Founded originally as TriGem Technologies, August 2000 by Fasi Hasan, TriGem Solutions™ is a result of successful integration of various products and services under single banner. As extremely satisfied customers of TriGem InfoTech, TriGem Solutions™ came into existence in August 2003 to fulfill its mission to deliver value-added IT services, domain name registration, multimedia, networking, web and application base software developing and designing services to its new and emerging IT company. TriGem Solutions™ further became the perfect company to provide services to the global community by virtue of its constant exposure of cutting edge technology, business methodology, and work-flow practices.
TriGem Solutions™ is moving ahead with time and in November 2009, started its new professional Training & Consulting division providing world class training and certification for Six Sigma and other Quality Management programs. TriGem Solutions™ is now a brand name of "TriGem Solutions (P) Ltd." a privately owned company that has grown and evolved over the past decade into an enterprise that now primarily provides engineered software solutions, custom data processing, quality management training & consultancy, business process out-sourcing, business development and integration services.


TriGem Solutions™ is a proud partner to many wonderful companies worldwide. We enjoy our reputation as expert beta-testers, co-branding specialists, professional trainers, and integrated-promotion strategists. TriGem Solutions™ welcomes the opportunity of mutually beneficial partnerships. If you have an idea how our companies can help one another please visit our partnership section from more details.


TriGem Soultions™ contact page contains a wealth of information and tools for accessing our company's departmental staff members.