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Networking Solutions

Networking Solutions Solutions To Your IT Needs
Networking is one of the most important areas in information technology. TriGem Solutions™ Network Services & Consultancy works with Home and Business owners seeking solutions to create a customized Networking solution, and to provide professional IT support services for home or business, weather the ultimate design be a wired (LAN) or a wireless network (WAN), by creating and maintaining a reliable and scalable network infrastructure.
TriGem Solutions™ networking solutions is focused on providing state-of-the-art computer networking installation, as well as troubleshooting and consulting, and quality security solutions, all for a fair and reasonable fee, both for homes and businesses. We specialize in providing homes, small businesses with professional IT solutions. Our goal is to design and implement the Network that best meets your needs with, the highest degree of functionality at a fair and reasonable cost.

Some of the features we offer and provide for your networking needs:
Network consultancy
TriGem Solutions™ provides consultancy for design and implementation of enterprise networks and management solutions.
IT security consultancy
We offer IT security consultancy services, which include security policy designing, business continuity planning, security audit, vulnerability assessment, and server hardening.
Enterprise management
We offer enterprise management services for management and monitoring of all network components such as servers, network hardware, LAN, WAN links, etc.

IP Telephony (VoIP)
Local Area Network (LANs)
Wide Area Network (WANs)
Corporate Intranets
VPN design and implementation
Remote Access Setups

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